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GM Transmission 19184051 MANUAL

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PONTIAC ALL PURPOSE 4 DR VIBE MANUAL 2003-2008 GM OEM NEW Transmission 3YR/160,000 KM Warranty Ident: 303001E070Ident: 303001E071Ident: C59 5 spd, MT.Toyota C59 trans.GM opt MK5.3.94 ratio.OEM #s: 88970270,19184051 Model...

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PONTIAC ALL PURPOSE 4 DR VIBE MANUAL 2003-2008 GM OEM NEW Transmission 3YR/160,000 KM Warranty

Ident: 303001E070
Ident: 303001E071
Ident: C59

5 spd, MT.
Toyota C59 trans.
GM opt MK5.
3.94 ratio.
OEM #s: 88970270,19184051

Model Year Description
PONTIAC VIBE 03-06 MT, 5 speed
PONTIAC VIBE 07-08 MT, (5 speed)
TOYOTA COROLLA 04-07 MT, FWD, 5 speed
TOYOTA COROLLA 08 MT, FWD, (5 speed)
TOYOTA MATRIX 03-06 MT, 5 speed
TOYOTA MATRIX 07-08 MT, (5 speed)

Warning: GM 3yr/160,000 km Warranty may vary per country! Email us at or message us for specific warranty details for your region.

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